In this chapter the known limitations of working with Quibli are described.

In Foliage and Grass shaders, there is no support for the shadows when working with additional lights.

During making of the Foliage and Grass shaders, we had to completely revisit Unity’s emission behavior for these shaders, in order to flexibly control the color shading. Otherwise, there would be a poor looking shadow rendered over the foliage objects, which there is no control over.

Quibli does not include a tool for automatic prefab placement.

Our grass needs to be placed with a mesh-painting tool, like Polybrush, as opposed to being spawned by Unity’s terrain tool.

Foliage can not be used with Terrain.

Currently the Foliage and Grass shaders don’t work on the ‘details’ objects painted with Unity Terrain.

Foliage Generator doesn’t produce the trunks of the trees.

Also, it doesn’t create conventional flower plants. It works with included as well as external meshes and processes them so that the generated plants can work as stylized leafy parts of the foliage. However, using the proper textures and a bit non-literal approach, the floral decorations can be created with the Foliage Generator.

[FIXED in v. 1.0.1] Foliage Billboards rotate and tilt with camera.

This is not a limitation but rather a quirky side effect of the billboard approach to creating and shading the foliage, which is very worth mentioning. This effect can be seen if a plant was created to be acting as a billboard and is located closely to the camera. Particularly, it is noticeable in a VR headset. The effect is that the plant always turns itself to be looking into the camera.
Please, use the Billboard Face Camera Position parameter in Foliage Shader’s Global Billboard Parameters.

Shaders That Are Built in the Shader Graph

This is not a limitation but rather a technical detail worth mentioning. The following shaders are built in the Shader Graph: Grass, Cloud3D, Cloud2D, Foliage. The Stylized Lit, Skybox and Light Beam shaders are made as the hlsl script files.